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Baldo's Listing of the Best Roses to Grow Most Everywhere

The objective of this page is to list the best roses to grow for exhibition and garden display. With this in mind, color pictures of as many of the roses is a must. Below is my tentative outline of the listing of the roses in this page. It will take some time to finalize the entire website, but this is as good a start as any.

NOTICE: If you have a slow computer you might want to go to BEST ROSES BY CLASS LIST as there might be too many rose pictures for your computer to handle. Again, this webpage is under construction so be patient as new information is being added on a daily basis.

Sweet Caroline, a great pink blend miniature rose hybridized by Mike Williams.

Hybrid Tea Roses
Grandiflora Roses
Floribunda Roses
Polyantha Roses
Climbing Roses
Shrub Roses
Austin or "English" Roses
Old Garden Roses
Miniature Roses

If you have any questions or constructive comments, I would love to hear from you, please send e-mail to Baldo Villegas

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