Rose Feeding Caterpillars

There are many caterpillars that feed on roses. A caterpillar is the name given to the the immature stage or the larvae of moths and butterflies. Other common names for caterpillars are budworms, grubs, worms, leafrollers, inchworms, bagworms, etc.

Fruittree leafroller caterpillars dome down silken strands from shade and fruit trees from late March thru mid April. In areas where they infest oaks, they are often called "oakworms".

Typical damage of the fruittree leafroller. After landing on a plant tissues they spin silk from their silk glands and tie or roll the leaves together. At this stage it might be too late to spray with contact insecticides.

Adult moth of the fruittree leafroller. It is common in northern California from mid May thru mid June on porch lights near infested plants.

Tobacco budworm a pest of petunias, geraniums, and anything nearby.

Cutworm found while weeding around the vegetable garden

Cambium leaf miner is a common pest of roses in coastal areas of California. It is sedom seen in interior parts of California.

Cambium stem miner is is commonly seen on stems of berrybushes and also on stems of roses.

This is a very effective method deal with most caterpillars especially if one does not want to spray with insecticides.

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