Grasshoppers and Related Insects on Roses

The members of this group belong to the Order Orthoptera (Orthos, straight; pteron, wing). They are characterized having simple metamorphosis, chewing mouthparts, the hind legs have enlarged femorea specialized for jumping and with stridulating organs present. The group also has two pairs of well developed wings with the first or upper pair being leathery and elongate often called "tegmina". The hind wings are membranous and fold fanlike longitudinally under the first pair of wings . Well developed wings are found on adults but they may also be absent or even rudimentary on some species. The wings are rudimentary in immature insects thus these immature insects are not able to fly as the adults. These insects are mainly plant feeders and some are very destructive pests. They are diurnal and nocturnal in habit. The stridulating organs at the base of the femora and abdomen allows many of these insects to "sing" and make very distinctive songs which they use to communicate among with each other. Here are some short descriptions of some of the most common groups encountered on roses:

FAMILY: ACRIDIDAE -- Grasshoppers

FAMILY TETTIGONIIDAE - Katydids or Long-horned Grasshoppers

Katydid nymph

Katydid nymph

Katydid adult

FAMILY GRYLLIDAE: Field Crickets and Snowy Tree Crickets

FAMILY GRYLLACRIDIDAE - Camel Crickets and Jerusalem Crickets

Camel Cricket

Jerusalem Cricket or "Potato Bug"


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