Eureka, CA -- September 13, 1997
Compiled by Baldo Villegas


Miniature Queen: X-Rated by Bob & Sandi Parker
Miniature King: Irresistible by Sue Mei
Miniature Princess: Hot Tamale by Rosemary Sawyer

Miniature Spray: Violet Mist by Duane & Melody Carlson
Best Single Miniature Bloom: Anytime by Bob & Sandi Parker
Best Fully Open Miniature Bloom: Incognito by Jolene Adams
Best Three Blooms: Why Not by John & Barbara Hendrix
Best Cycle of Bloom: Sweet Revenge by Duane and Melody Carlson
Best Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Linville by Bob & Sandi Parker
Best Quartet: Minnie Pearl by Duane & Melody Carlson
Best Miniature Bouquet (10): Jean Kenneally, Sweet Revenge, Luis Desamero, Golden Beauty, Pink Petticoat, Rainbow's End, and Hot Tamale by Judy Bonds
Best American Box (9): Hot Tamale, Golden Beauty, and Angel's Blush by Tom & Jan Nelson
Best Seedling: Sonny Boy by Russ Mengel
Best Trailing Rose: Climbing Candy Cane by Peggy Heidrick
Best Miniature English Box: Not Awarded
Best Judges Entry: Hot Tamale by John Sitton


Ralph Moore Trophy: Snow Bride, Pink Petticoat, Work of Art, Captivation, Millie Walters, Quiet Time and Linville by Duane & Melody Carlson
Winsounds Trophy: Pristine by Susan Chan McCarthy
Clementina Monteleone Trophy: Mr. Lincoln by Duane and Melody Carlson
Esther K Hughes Peace Trophy: Peace by Rosemary Sawyer
McFarland Trophy: Rita Hugo, Asso di Couri, Marijke Koopman, Anastasia, Silverado, and Elizabeth Taylor by Susan Chan McCarthy
Baptiste Michelis Trophy: Cherish, Quaker Star & Perfect Moment by Jack Saffell
Harvey Brown Trophy: Playgirl by Susan Chan McCarthy
Annette Dobbs Trophy: Captain Thomas by Duane & Melody Carlson
Ramona Stockings Trophy: Impatient by Gail Ledbetter
Alfred Leloy Trophy: Asso di Couri by Susan Chan McCarthy
Clyde Stockings Trophy: Secret by Susan Chan McCarthy
Lisherness Trophy: Esme Euvrard, Tineke & White Delight by Sue Mei
Dr. Nichols Trophy: Limelight by Susan Chan McCarthy


Large Rose Arrangements

ARS Gold Award: Kathy Leonardi
ARS Silver: Kathy Guthrie
ARS Bronze: Barbara Gordon

ARS Royalty Award (Lucia Morgan Trophy): Kathy Guthrie
ARS Princess Award: Barbara Gordon
ARS Artist Award: Earl Parsons
ARS Oriental Award: Kathy Leonardi

Best Novice: Virginia Masero
Best Judges Entry: Ruby Cayere

Mini Rose Arrangements

ARS Gold Award: Kathy Leonardi
ARS Silver: Laverne Cottet
ARS Bronze: Laverne Cottet

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