Northen California-Nevada-Hawaii District
Concord, CA -- September 25, 1999

The Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District of the American Rose Society had its 1999 district Convention in Concord, California on September 24-26, 1999. The district convention was hosted by the North Bay Rose Society with Alice Affleck and Carol Burek being the general Co-Chairs. This was well attended, well planned with great speakers, good food, and lots of rose activities. The members of the North Bay Rose Society went all out to make sure everyone had a good time. They should be pround for putting on such a great convention.


Section A: Special District Challenge Class

Class 1: Rosedale Bowl (Five Hybrid Teas, different cultivars, separate containers): Sue Mei with Donna Darlin', Spring Break, Louise Estes, Silverado and Special Merit

Section B: NCNH District Challenge Classes

Class 2: J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy (Six Hybrid Teas, different cultivars, separate containers): No award given

Class 3: Ralph S. Moore Trophy (Seven Miniature roses, different cultivars, separate containers): Michael Cevola with Sweet Revenge, Maurine Neuberger, Silver Phantom, Olympic Gold, Break O' Dawn, Hot Tamale, and Jean Kenneally

Class 4: Clyde H. Stocking Memorial Trophy (Three pink-blend Hybrid Teas): Michael Cevola with Nightingale

Class 5: Alfred Leloy, Jr. Memorial Trophy (Three medium red/dark red Hybrid Teas): No award given

Class 6: Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy (Three mauve/mauve blend, three different varieties, any rose): Adena Kalal with Lagerfeld, Lavendar Dream, and Escapade

Class 7: Dr. Jay Nichols Trophy (Three medium/deep yellow Hybrid Teas, one variety or three different varieties): No award given

Class 8: J. Harvey Brown Perpetual Trophy (Three Floribunda sprays, one variety or three different varieties): No award given

Class 9: Ramona Stocking Trophy (One Floribunda spray): Tom Nelson with Disco Dancer

Class 10 American Rose Foundation Windsounds Trophy (Hybrid Tea Cycle of Bloom, separate containers): No award given

Class 11 Edwin and Darley Lisherness Trophy (Three white Hybrid Teas, separate containers): No award given

Class 12 AARS Challenge Class (Three AARS winners, any type, separate containers): Michael Cevola with Touch of Class, Child's Play and Secret

Class 13: Clay Morgan District Trophy (English box, hybrid tea or grandiflora, no more than two of any variety): Sue Mei with Signature, Tineke and Elizabeth Taylor

Class 14: Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy (Miniature english box, six different varieties): Michael Cevola with Break O' Dawn, Minnie Pearl, Hot Tamale, Sweet Revenge, Black Jade, and Maurine Neuberger

Class 15: Annette Dobbs Trophy (One stem, any type 'single' rose (5 - 12 petals)): Roberta Ridenour with Dainty Bess

Class 16 Esther K. Hughes "Peace" Trophy (One specimen of 'Peace'): No award given

Class 17: Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy (One specimen of 'Captain Harry Stebbings'): No award given

Class 18: Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy (Three stems: one HT, one GR, one FL Spray): No award given

Class 19: Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy (Three different Hybrid Teas, introduced within the past 5 years): No award given

Class 20: Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy (One stem of 'Mister Lincoln'): No award given

Class 21: Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy (Five stems: Three Hybrid Teas, two Floribunda sprays): No award given


Class 22: Miniature Cycle of Bloom: No award given
Class 23: Three Hybrid Teas, same variety: Michael Cevola with Elizabeth Taylor
Class 24: Three Miniatures, same Variety: Michael Cevola with Hot Tamale
Class 25 Large Rose in a Bowl: Sue Mei with Signature
Class 26 Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Michael Cevola with Founder's Pride
Class 27: Most Fragrant Rose: Bill Hine with Fair Bianca
Class 28: Miniature Bouquet - 12 blooms, one or more varieties: Susan Turk with Why Not
Class 29: Grand Bouquet - 9 Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora blooms: Ken & Judy Jones with Sonia
Class 30: Floribunda Collection - Three to five sprays: Franciska Mills with Purple Tiger
Class 31: Trailing Rose - One truss, any variety: Barbara Gordon with Roller Coaster
Class 32: Tin Can Derby - Leftovers Bouquet: Michael Cevola


Queen of Show: Kardinal by Sue Mei
King of Show: Tineke by Sue Mei
Princess of Show: Elegant Beauty by Sue Mei
Best Hybrid Tea Spray: Gardens of the World by Mary Lou Grogan
Best Floribunda Bloom: Scentimental by Larry Dureksen
Floribunda spray: Europeana by Eileen Jackson
Best Fully Open Hybrid Tea: Queen Beatrix by Michael Cevola

Mini Queen of Show Sweet Caroline by Sue Mei
Mini King of Show Fairhope by Michael Cevola
Mini Princess of Show Vista by Jennie Bauer

Best Miniature Spray: Anytime by Ted & Linda Burg
Best Fully Open Miniature: Jennifer by Michael Cevola
Best Single Miniature: Little Artist by Robin Rosenberg
Best Classic Shrub: Penelope by Adena Kalal
Best Modern Shrub: Lyda Rose by Margaret Martin
Dowager Queen: Sombreuil by Ken & Judy Jones
Victorian Rose: Mme Pierre Oger by Kelly Paterson
Best Polyantha spray: Orleans Rose by Barbara Gordon
Best Climber: Altissimo by Gregg Cook
Best Novice Entry: Asso di Cuori by Robin Rosenberg
Best Judges Entry: Color Magic by Sharon McColgan


Best of Show: "From Sea to Mountains" by Barbara Gordon
Best Novice Arrangement: "Land of Roses" by Marvin Rudd
ARS Royalty Award: "Pacific Paradise" by Donaldina Joung
ARS Oriental Award: "From Sea to Mountains" by Barbara Gordon
ARS Court of Etiquette: "California Cuisine" by Barbara Gordon
ARS Princess Award: "Double the Pleasure" by Betty Ann Cassina
ARS Artist Award: "A Rose in Time" by Pennie Chawalowski
ARS Gold Certificate: "From Sea to Mountains" by Barbara Gordon
ARS Silver Certificate: "Nature's Elegance" by Barbara Gordon
ARS Bronze Certificate: "A Rose in Time" by Pennie Chawalowski

ARS Mini Oriental Award: Linda Burg
ARS Mini Artist Award: Jennifer Galli
ARS Mini Keepsake Award: "Bridges of the Past" by Adena Kalal
ARS Mini Gold Certificate: Jennifer Galli
ARS Mini Silver Certificate: Iona Stuart
ARS Mini Bronze Certificate: Eileen Chun
ARS Rosecraft Award: "Harvest Time" by Joan Helgeson
ARS Junior Arrangement Award: "Animals We Love" by Sarah & Rachel Rosenberg
Best Judges Arrangement: "Earthquake!" by Earl Parsons

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