Sacramento, CA -- April 27, 1997
Baldo Villegas, Show Chairman

Lynn Anderson a pink blend Hybrid Tea rose which performs exceptionally well in the Sacramento area. A specimen entered by Baldo Villegas won King of Show


Queen of the Show: Royal Highness by Ralph and Diane Thompson
King of the Show: Lynn Anderson by Baldo Villegas
Princess of the Show: Brandy by Ralph and Diane Thompson

Garden Decorative: Love by Baldo Villegas
Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora Spray: Lynn Anderson by Peggy Hill
Fully Open Hybrid Tea or Grandiflora: Color Magic by Duane & Melody Carlson
Classic Rose: Orangeade by Duane & Melody Carlson
Floribunda One Bloom per Stem: French Lace by Maggie Metzker
Floribunda Spray: Play Girl by Duane & Melody Carlson
Three Floribunda Sprays (3 Varieties): Sun Flare, French Lace, and Lady of the Dawn by Duane & Melody Carlson
Polyantha Spray: Dick Koster by John Edge

Miniature Queen: Giggles by Bill Terrell
Miniature King: Olympic Gold by Baldo Villegas
Miniature Princess: Irresistible by Baldo Villegas

Miniature Spray: Olympic Gold by Duane & Melody Carlson
Single Miniature: Crazy Dottie by Duane & Melody Carlson
Single Miniature Spray: Grace Seward by Ralph and Diane Thompson
Fully Open Miniature: Pink Petticoat by Mary Louise Jones

Genesis Rose: Rosa Eglanateria by Adena Kalal
Old Garden Rose -- Dowager Queen: Superb Tuscan by Suzanne Miladin
Old Garden Rose -- Victorian Rose: Ferdinand Richard by Suzanne Miladin
Three OGR Roses: Crested Moss by Michelle Flicht-Mcdonough
Classic Shrub: Hansa by Suzanne Miladin
Modern Shrub: Sperrieshoop by Bob and Iva Miller
Three Stems English Type: The Pilgrim by Adena Kalal
Large Flowered Climber: Berries 'N' Cream by Adena Kalal


Miniature Bloom: Ruby Pendant by Cristina Villegas Miniature Spray: Elfinglo by Cristina Villegas Container-Grown Miniature: Sweet Chariot by Cristina Villegas Any Other Type Rose: Eye Paint by Cristina Villegas


French Lace by Fred Foerster


Most Fragrant Rose: Fragrant Cloud by Adena Kalal
Cycle of Bloom: Olympiad by Duane & Melody Carlson
Three HT (One Variety): Secret by Dena Wagner
Three Award of Excellence Miniatures: Black Jade, Little Jackie, Old Glory by Duane & Melody Carlson
Rainbow of Miniatures: Snow Bride, Luis Desamero, Jean Kenneally, Millie Walters, and Black Jade by Baldo Villegas
Container-Grown Miniature: Lights of Broadway by Florence Pratt
Rose Bouquet: Rose de Rescht, Mme. Wm. Paul by Michelle Flicht-Mcdonough
Miniature Bouquet: Jean Kenneally by Baldo Villegas
Trailing Rose: Play Girl by Charis Gray
English Box: Olympiad by Duane & Melody Carlson
Miniature English Box: Irresistible by Baldo Villegas
Rose in a Bowl: Sheer Elegance by Sue and Ernie Magill
Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Irresistible by Dena Wagner


Lynn Anderson by John Hendrix


Best Arrangement: Elida Garibay
Runner-Up Arrangement: Iva Miller
Novice Arrangement: Doris Hurley
Rose Society Members Only ArrangIent: Dixie Edge
Best Miniature Arrangement: Michelle Egan

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