Sacramento, CA -- April 28-29, 2001

Adena Kalal, Horticulture Section Chair
Pennie Chwalowski, Arrangement Section Chair
Results compiled Baldo Villegas with assistance from Mary Louise Jones and Pennie Chwalowski



Class 10: Queen of the Show: Moonstone by Bob & Iva Miller
Class 10: King of the Show: Diana, Princess of Wales by Doug Hall
Class 10: Princess of the Show: Brigadoon by Dena Wagner
Court of Honor: Brandy by Marianne Sievers
Court of Honor: Desert Storm by Dena Wagner
Court of Honor: Gemini by Doug Hall
Court of Honor: Honor by Jeff & Marjorie Sals
Court of Honor: Loving Son by Duane & Melody Carlson
Court of Honor: Princess Diana by Duane & Melody Carlso
Court of Honor: Red Devil by Dena Wagner
Court of Honor: Vanilla Perfume by Colleen Gallagher

Class 30: Miniature Queen: Irresistible by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 30: Miniature King: Miss Flippins by Dena Wagner
Class 30: Miniature Princess: Rookie by Duane & Melody Carlson
Court of Honor: Fairhope by Colleen Gallagher
Court of Honor: Luis Desamero by Sunee Webb
Court of Honor: Pucker Up by Baldo Villegas
Court of Honor: Sweet Melody by Duane & Melody Carlson
Court of Honor: X-Rated by Colleen Gallagher

Class 11: Garden Decorative HT/GR: Yves Piaget by Marianne Sievers
Class 12: HT or GR Spray: Gemini by Doug Hall
Class 13: Fully Open HT/GR: Suffolk by Doug Hall
Class 14: Single HT/GR: Colette Clemente by Doug Hall

Class 20: Floribunda One Bloom per Stem: Glad Tiddings by Baldo Villegas
Class 21: Floribunda Spray: Blueberry Hill by Dena Wagner
Class 22: 3 FL Sprays (3 Varieties): Lady of the Dawn, Poulson's Pearl and Priscilla Burton by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 23: Single Floribunda: Not Awarded
Class 24: Polyantha Spray: Heinrich Karsch by Marianne Sievers

Class 31: Mini-Flora, one bloom per stem: Cachet by Baldo Villegas
Class 32: Miniature Spray: Amy Grant by Colleen Gallagher
Class 33: Single Miniature: My Sunshine by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 33: Single Miniature Spray: Roller Coaster by Colleen Gallagher
Class 34: Fully Open Miniature: Klima by Duane & Melody Carlson

Class 40: Genesis Rose: Rosa xanthina by Bill and Muriel Humenick
Class 41: Old Garden Rose -- Dowager Queen: Tuscany Superb by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 42: Old Garden Rose -- Victorian Rose: Irene Watts by D. Weber
Class 43: Three OGR Stems: William Lobb by Michelle Flicht-McDonough
Class 44: Classic Shrub: Robusta by Doug Hall
Class 45: Modern Shrub: Flutterbye by Mike Devencenzi
Class 46: Three Stems English Type: Mary Rose by Colleen Gallagher
Class 47: Large Flowered Climber: Altissimo by Cindy Nalepa-Nelson


Class 50: Shi Un by Anthony Abordo


Class 60-65: Fourth of July by Leonore Abordo


Class 80: Most Fragrant Rose: Fragrant Cloud by Sue Richter
Class 81: Cycle of Bloom: Myabi by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 82: Three HT/GR (One Variety): Lanvin by Dena Wagner
Class 83: Artist's Palette: Sunsprite, Summer Fashion, Pleasure, Interama & French Lace by Mary Louise Jones
Class 84: Three Award of Excellence Miniatures: Jean Kenneally , Hot Tamale and Old Glory by Adena Kalal
Class 85: Rainbow of Miniatures: Black Jade, Herbie, Holy Toledo, Y2K,and Loving Touch by Florence Pratt
Class 86: Container-Grown Miniature: Figurine by Florence Pratt
Class 87: Rose Bouquet: Barbra Streisand, Secret, Just joey, Brigadoon, Sheer Bliss, Gift of Life, Vanilla Perfume, Touch of Class, and Louise Estes by Colleen Gallagher
Class 88: Miniature Bouquet: Luis Desamero by Sunee Webb
Class 89: Trailing Rose: Playboy by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 90: English Box: Gemini & Diana, Princess of Wales by Colleen Gallagher
Class 91: OGR English Box: Rose de Rescht by Bill & Muriel Humenick
Class 92: Miniature English Box: Olympic Gold by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 93: Rose in a Bowl: Kardinal by Betty Ann Cassina
Class 94: OGR Rose in a Bowl: Baronne Prevost by Sue Richter
Class 95: Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Irresistible by Duane & Melody Carlson
Class 96: Tin Can Derby: Michelle Flicht-McDonough with mixed bouquet of leftover roses

Class 100-104: Betty Boop Spray by Jerry Crumine


Theme: Roses, A World of Romance

Best of Show: Spain - Betty by Cassina with Tequila Sunrise & Ring of Fire roses
Best of Sacramento Rose Society Members: U.S.A - by Pennie Chwalowski with Dublin, Headliner & Marijke Koopman roses


Class 1: Romantic Italian Villas - Athena Thompson with America roses
Class 2: U.S.A - by Pennie Chwalowski with Dublin, Headliner & Marijke Koopman roses
Class 3: French Perfume - Ruth Partridge with Sparrieshoop
Class 4: New Zealand - Helen Tashima
Class 5: Tahiti - Connie Thomas with America, Gold Medal & Playboy roses. BRONZE ARS CERTIFICATE; ARTIST AWARD
Class 6: Spain - Betty by Cassina with Tequila Sunrise & Ring of Fire roses
Class 7: Japan - Louise Watts with Brandy roses
Class 8: Saudi Arabia - Jeneane Wilsey with Black Knight, New Day, Sutter's Gold & Mr. Lincoln roses - GOLD ARS CERTIFICATE; DUCHESS OF ARRANGEMENTS
Class 9: Lovely British Isles - Betty Ann Cassina with Flower Girl roses. COURT OF ETIQUETTE AWARD
Class 10: Chile - Sunee Webb with Rio Samba & Gold Medal roses. SILVER ARS CERTIFICATE; ROYALTY AWARD
Class 11: Green & Lush Iceland - Marie LeDonne. MINI ARTIST AWARD
Class 12: Desert Roses in Morrocco - Adena Kalal with Rainbow's End, Millie Walters, Hota Tamale, & Glowing Amber MINI GOLD ARS CERTIFICATE
Class 13: Canada - Sunee Webb with Iceberg, Gourmet Popcorn & Irresistible roses
Class 14: Mexico - No entries
Class 15: Exquisite China - Earl Parsons with Allspice - Best of Judges

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