October 3-4, 1998 -- Fountain Square Nursery, Citrus Heights, CA
Duane Carlson, Rose Show Chairman
Results Compiled by Baldo Villegas

10. Queen of Show: Lynnette by Sue Mei
10. King of Show: Mother's Value by Sue Mei
10. Princess of Show: Tournament of Roses by Sue Mei
11. Best HT/GR Spray: Peter Frankenfeld by Kay White
12. Best Single Hybrid Tea: Colette Clemente by Doug Hall
13. Best Fully-Open Hybrid Tea: Color Magic by Sue Mei

20. Best Floribunda One bloom per stem: Playgirl by Marge Coats
21. Best Floribunda Spray: Lavaglut by Ivanette Griggs
22. Best Polyantha Spray: The Fairy by Marita Hays

30. Best Large Flower Climber/Rambler: Altissimo by Baldo Villegas
31. Best Shrub: All That Jazz by Duane & Melody Carlson
32. Dowager Queen (Prior to 1866): Old Blush by Duane & Melody Carlson
33. Victorian Rose (1867 & after): Martha Washington by Bill & Muriel Humenick

40. Miniature Queen of Show: Irresistible by Sue Mei
40. Miniature King of Show: Snow Bride by Duane & Melody Carlson
40. Miniature Princess of Show: Sweet Revenge by Diane Richards
41. Best Miniature Spray: Sweet Chariot by Baldo Villegas
42. Fully-Open Miniature: Violet Mist by Ted & Linda Burg
43. Best Single Miniature: Grace Seward by Ted & Linda Burg
44. Best Single Miniature Spray: Scarlet Moss by Duane & Melody Carlson

50-72. Best Novice Entry: Brigadoon by Diane Richards

100-105. Best Judges Entry: Lynn Anderson by Bernice Jensen


80. Best Miniature English Box: Kristen & Giggles by Baldo Villegas
81. Best Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Sweet Melody by Duane & Melody Carlson
82. Best Three Miniature Blooms: My Sunshine by Ted & Linda Burg
83. Best Five Miniature Blooms: Violet Mist, Snow Bride, Hot Lips, Sweet Revenge & Scensational by Duane & Melody Carlson
84. Best Miniature Cycle of Bloom: Jean Kenneally by Duane & Melody Carlson
85. Best Miniature Rose Bouquet: Crazy Dottie, Tennessee, Anita Charles, San Jose Sunshine, Toy Clown, Pierrine, Henry's Mini, Red Minimo & Berkeley Beauty by Adena Kalal
86. Best Trailing Rose: Dream Weaver by Ernie & Sue Magill
87. Best English Style Box: NOT AWARDED
88. Best Rose in a Bowl: Signature by Sue Mei
89. Best Three Hybrid Teas/Grandifloras: Great Scott by Baldo Villegas
90. Best Five Hybrid Tea/Grandifloras: Elizabeth Taylor by Duane & Melody Carlson
91. Best Seven Hybrid Tea/Grandifloras: NOT AWARDED
92. Most Fragrant Rose: Being judged by the public
93. Best Cycle of Bloom: Silverado by Duane & Melody Carlson
94. Best Rose Bouquet: The Squire, Winchester Cathedral, Pat Austin, Tamora, Evelyn, The Pilgrim, Heritage, Symphony, Cottage Rose, Lilac Rose, Graham Thomas & Wife of Bath by Bill & Muriel Humenick
95. Best Tin Can Derby Entry: Altissimo (Bouquet) by Baldo Villegas

President's Trophy: My Sunshine (3 blooms) by Ted & Linda Burg

Sweepstakes Trophy for most blue ribbons: Duane & Melody Carlson


Best Large Arrangement: The Days of Wine and Roses by Iva Miller
2nd Best Large Arrangement: Everything's Coming up Roses by Sunee Webb
3rd Best Large Arrangement: Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming by Iva Miller

Best Miniature Arrangement: "Love Sends a Little Gift of Roses" by Betty Anne Cassina
2nd Best Miniature Arrangement: "For You A Rose" by Betty Anne Cassina
3rd Best Miniature Arrangement: "A Garden of Roses" by Rena Webb

ARS Court of Etiquette Award: Iva Miller
ARS Keepsake Award (Dried Rose Arrangement): .Adena Kalal
ARS Oriental Award: "Only a Rose" by Sunee Webb
ARS Artist's Award: "Looking at the World thru Rose Colored Glasses" by Peggy Hill

Best Novice Arrangement: "Broadway Rose" an outstanding mixed bouquet arrangement by John Cianci
Best Judges Arrangement: Earl Parsons

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