Radisson Hotel, Sacramento, CA - October 6, 2001
Duane Carlson, General Rose Show Chair; Betty Ann Cassina, Artistic Section Chair
Rose Show Results compiled by Scott Becker



Section A - Sierra Foothills Rose Society Rose Show Amateur Section

Class 1: Hybrid Teas and Grandifloras
Queen of Show Signature Tom Bonfigli
King of Show Black Magic Sue and Kang Mei
Princess of Show Trojan Victory Tom Bonfigli
Court of Honor Andrea Stelzer Tom Bonfigli
Court of Honor Gemini Gail Trimble
Court of Honor Chris Evert Sue and Kang Mei
Court of Honor Hot Princess Sue and Kang Mei
Court of Honor Helen Keller Tom Bonfigli
Class 2: HT/Gr Spray Hot Spot Maryanne Sievers
Class 3: Single Hybrid Tea Oriental Charm Bob and Sandi Parker
Class 4: Fully Open Hybrid Tea Peace Sunee Webb
Class 5: One Bloom per Stem Floribunda Scentimental Colleen Gallagher
Class 6: Floribunda Spray Lavaglut Rosemary Sawyer
Class 7: Polyantha Spray Orange Morsdag Ken and Judy Jones
Class 8: Large Flowered-Climber/Rambler Altissimo Michael Devencenzi
Class 9: Classic Shrub
No Award
No Award
Class 10: Modern Shrub Ambridge Rose Maryanne Sievers
Class 11: Old Garden Roses introduced before 1867 - Dowager Green Rose Baldo Villegas
Class 12: Old Garden Roses introduced after 1867 - Victorian Award Francis Dubreuil Maryanne Sievers
Class 20: Miniature and Mini-Flora Roses
Miniature Queen of Show Luis Desamero Sue and Kang Mei
Miniature King of Show Cachet Colleen Gallagher
Miniature Princess of Show Climbing Break o'Dawn Colleen Gallagher
Miniature Court of Honor Hot Tamale Michael Cevola
Miniature Court of Honor Olympic Gold Michael Cevola
Miniature Court of Honor Irresistible Sue and Kang Mei
Miniature Court of Honor Autumn Splendor Sue Kang Mei
Miniature Court of Honor Jean Kenneally Michael Devencenzi
Class 21: Miniature Spray Millie Walters Baldo Villegas
Class 22: Fully Open Miniature Herbie Colleen Gallagher
Class 23: Single Miniature Halo Fire Maryanne Sievers

Section N - Sierra Foothills Rose Society Rose Show Novice Classes

Class 50-55: Best Novice


Pam Johnson

Section C - Sierra Foothills Rose Society Rose Show Challenge Classes

Class 80: Miniature Rose in a Bowl Quiet Time Colleen Gallagher
Class 81: Three Miniature Blooms Hot Tamale Michael Cevola
Class 82: Miniature Cycle of Bloom
No Award
No Award
Class 83: Miniature Rose Bouquet
No Award
No Award
Class 84: Trailing Rose White Meillandina Muriel and Bill Humenick
Class 85: Rose in a Bowl Moonstone Michael Cevola
Class 86: Most Fragrant Rose Love Potion Leonore Abordo
Class 87: Rose Bouquet abraham Darby, English Violet, Evelyn, Glamis Castle, Memories, Pretty Jessica, Sharifa Asma and Wind Rush Bob and Sandi Parker
Class 88: Old Garden Rose Bouquet Complicata, Old Blush and Paul Neyron Rosemary Sawyer
Class 89: Tin Can Derby
Mixed Bouquet
Gail Trimble

Section J - Sierra Foothills Rose Society Rose Show Judges' Classes

Class 200 - 205 Best Judges' Entry
No Award
No Award

Section D - Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District Challenge Classes

Class 100: J. Horace McFarland Memorial Trophy - Six disbudded Hybrid Teas, each a different variety shown in separate containers Andrea Stelzer, Elizabeth Taylor, Asso di Cuori, Louise Estes, The Temptations and Veteran's Honor Susan Chan McCarthy
Class 101: Edward and Darley Lisherness Trophy - Three white HT, disbudded, any varieties, separate containers
Gail Trimble
Class 102: Dr. D.J. Nichols Trophy - Three medium or dark yellow disbudded HT, one or three varieties, separate containers
Sun Goddess
Tom Bonfigli
Class 103: Clyde Stocking Memorial Trophy - Three pink blend disbudded HT, one or three varieties, separate containers
The Temptations
Susan Chan McCarthy
Class 104: Alfred Leloy Jr. Memorial Trophy - Three medium or dark red disbudded HT, one or three varieties, separate containers
Asso di Cuori, Olympiad and Perfectly Red
Tom Bonfigli
Class 105: Dr. Ron Brooks Perpetual Trophy - Three different disbudded HT introduced within the last 5 years, separate containers
Hot Princess, Perfectly Red and Vanilla Perfume
Tom Bonfigli
Class 106: Laura Sutter Memorial Trophy - Three mauve roses, different varieties, any type, separate containers
No Award
No Award
Class 107: Esther K. Hughes "Peace" Trophy - disbudded Peace specimen
No Award
No Award
Class 108: Clementina Monteleone Perpetual Trophy - disbudded Mister Lincoln specimen
No Award
No Award
Class 109: Captain Harry Stebbings Trophy -disbudded Captain Harry Stebbings specimen
No Award
No Award
Class 110: Baptiste Michelis Memorial Trophy - One disbudded HT, one disbudded GR, one Fl spray, separate containers
Brandenburg Gate, Fame! and Stadt den Helder
Tom Bonfigli
Class 111: Richard Tyson Memorial Trophy - Three disbudded HT, two Fl sprays, separate containers
No Award
No Award
Class 112: All American Rose Selection Challenge - Three AARS winners, separate containers
Gemini, Olympiad and Touch of Class
Gail Trimble
Class 113: American Foundations Windsounds Trophy - HT Cycle of Bloom, separate containers
Trojan Victory
Tom Bonfigli
Class 114: Ramona Stocking Trophy - Fl spray
Lady of the Dawn
Adena Kalal
Class 115: J. Harvey Brown Perpetual Trophy - Three Fl sprays, one or three varieties, separate containers
Cynthia Chuang
Class 116: Annette Dobbs Trophy - Single rose, any type, one bloom per stem or spray
Don Marshall
Class 117: Ralph S. Moore Trophy - Seven disbudded Miniatures, different varieties, separate containers

Behold, Glowing Amber, Hot Tamale, Incognito, Luis Desamero, Scentsational and Sweet Revenge

Sue and Kang Mei
Class 118: Dr. Howard I. Gallagher Memorial Trophy - Miniature English Box, six different varieties
Climbing Break o' Dawn, Fairhope, Pierrine, Quiet Time, Soroptimist International and X-Rated
Colleen Gallagher
Class 119: Clay Morgan District Trophy - English Box, HT or Gr, no more than two of the same varieties
Affirm, Classic Touch, Keepsake, Lobo and Signature
Sue and Kang Mei

DIVISION II - Northern California-Nevada-Hawaii District Artistic Division

"Roses Now and Forever"

Cochran Perpetual Trophy
Best Novice Arrangement
Class 1: "Ad Infinitum" - Traditional Line Design

Just Joey

Colleen Gallagher
Class 2: "Indian Summer"

Joyfulness, Rina Hugo, Tropical Sunset, Pearl and Bewitched

Colleen Gallagher
Class 3: "Reflections in Time"

St. Patrick

Don Marshall
ARS Oriental Award
ARS Bronze Certificate

Class 4: "Pacific Rim" - Oriental Freestyle Design

Ingrid Bergman and Olympiad

Sunee Webb
Martin J. Martin Trophy
ARS Artist's Award
ARS Silver Certificate

Class 5: "Rose Parade" - Modern Design, 2 containers
St. Patrick, Gold Medal, My Sunshine, Double Delight, Olympiad and Mr. Lincoln
Cynthia Chuang
Class 6: "Visions of Tomorrow"

Double Delight and Olympiad

Cynthia Chuang
Class 7: "Raindrops on Roses"

Not Awarded

Not Awarded
ARS Princess of Arrangements
Class 8: "Tudor Rose" - Roses with rose foliage only


Dorothy Wall
Class 9: "Rose Tide"

Not Awarded

Not Awarded
Class 10: "New Horizons"

Not Awarded

Not Awarded
Lucia Morgan Trophy
Earl Parson Trophy
ARS Royalty Award
ARS Gold Certificate

Class 11: "Wine & Roses" - Traditional Line Mass Design

Pristine, Marijke Koopman, Mikado, Sheer Bliss and Galway Bay

Pennie Chwalowski
Class 12: "Autumn Rose"

Not Awarded

Not Awarded
ARS Court of Etiquette
Class 13: "Halloween Hi-Jinks" - Table Design

Command Performance

Laverne Cottet
ARS Keepsake Award
Class 14: "Timeless Beauty" - Dried Rose Design

City of Belfast and Green Rose

Laverne Cottet
ARS Mini Royalty Award
ARS Mini Bronze Certificate

Class 15: "Tiny Tribute" - Traditional Mass Design

Irresistible, Minnie Pearl, Brass Ring and Jean Kenneally

Sunee Webb
Class 16: "Nature's Jewels"


Jennifer Galli
Class 17: "Nanoseconds"

Jean Kenneally

Marie Hubbell
ARS Mini Artist's Award
ARS Mini Gold Certificate

Class 18: "Ditto" - Modern Design, 2 containers

June Laver

Cynthia Chuang
Class 19: "Pixilated Posies"


Jennifer Galli
Class 20: "Trinket Treasure"


Jennifer Galli
ARS Mini Oriental Award
ARS Mini Silver Certificate

Class 21: "Moon Gate" - Oriental Manner Design

High Spirits

Marie Hubbell
ARS Mini Court of Etiquette
Class 22: "Rosy Morn" - Breakfast Tray

Brass Ring

Jennifer Galli
ARS Mini Keepsake Award
Class 23: "Squirreled Away" - Dried Roses Design

Child's Play and Kristin

Kay Polk
Barbara Gordon Award
Class 24: "Hip Hop" - Small Design

Red Cascade, Santa Claus, Black Jade, Sorcerer, Miss Flippins, Asso di Cuori, Lavaglut and Raven

Colleen Gallagher
Class 25: "The Queen of Flowers"

Sally Holmes

Kathy Leonardi
Best Judge's Entry
Class 26: "A Space Odyssey"

Loving Memory and Uncle Walter

Kathy Leonardi

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