Sacramento, CA -- August 3, 1997
Fred Foerster, Show Chairman


Queen of the Show: Jean Kenneally by Duane and Melody Carlson

Jean Kenneally is an apricot blend miniature rose. It is one of the most highly rated rose in the nation and also a top exhibition rose. It performs exceptionally well in the Sacramento area.

King of the Show: Child's Play by Ivanette Griggs

Princess of the Show: Olympic Gold by Baldo Villegas

Best Miniature Spray: Cricket by Baldo Villegas

Best Single Miniature: Crazy Dottie by Charis Grey

Crazy Dottie is a single orange blend miniature rose. It is one of the best single miniature roses for the Sacramento area. It was named after Dottie Michelis a long time rosarian from the Auburn area.

Best Single Miniature Spray: Lemon Delight by Charis Grey

Best Fully Open Miniature: Child's Play by Duane & Melody Carlson

Best Climbing Miniature: Jeanne LaJoie by Mary Louise Jones

Best Novice Entry: Brass Ring by Sunee Webb

Best Judges Entry: Golden Beauty by Alice Affleck


Best 3 blooms (1 variety): Innocent Blush by Muriel Humenick

Innocent Blush is an pink blend miniature rose. Muriel Humenick bought this rose from Hortico sometime ago. It is a large mini bush and flower approaching the size of some floribundas. It is certainly an exhibition rose.

Best 3 blooms (2+ varieties): Ruby Pendant and Dilly Dilly by Ivanette Griggs

Best 5 blooms, (1 or more varieties): Winsome, Party Girl, Minnie Pearl, Pierrine and Cupcake by Ivanette Griggs

Best 5 Award of Excellence Miniatures (In Rainbow Stand): Black Jade, Just For You, Loving Touch, Jean Kenneally and Pacesetter by Florence Pratt

Best 7 blooms (7 varieties): Jean Kenneally, Lemon Twist, Kay Denise, Tide Water, Mother's Love, Little Sir Echo and Pierrine by Adena Kalal

Best 3 Miniature Sprays: Gourmet Popcorn by Muriel Humenick

Best 3 Miniature Types (Single, Semidouble, Fully open double): My Sunshine, Klima Climber and Baby Eclipse by Duane & Melody Carlson

Best Miniature Cycle of Bloom: Oregon Rainbow by Ivanette Griggs

Best Miniature English Box: Child's Play by Duane & Melody Carlson

Best Miniature Rose Palette: Starina, Anita Charles, Lavender Jade, Rainbow's End and Cupcake by Betty Ann Cassina

Best Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Olympic Gold by Betty Ann Cassina

Best Miniature Bouquet: Jean Kenneally, Minnie Pearl, Yantai, Winsome, Ruby Pendant, Kristin, and Giggles by Baldo Villegas

Best Trailing Rose: Climbing Candy Cane by Duane & Melody Carlson

Best Container-Grown Miniature: Fancy Pants by Florence Pratt

Best Tin Can Derby: Mini rose boquet by Duane & Melody Carlson


Dixie Edge, Arrangements Chair, posing with incoming NCNH District Director and ARS Arrangements Judge, Earl Parsons, next to the mini arrangements entered at the 2nd Annual All Valley Miniature Rose Show.

Best of Show (Gold Certificate): Dixie Edge with Melody Lane

2nd Best of Show (Silver Certificate): Kay Polk

3rd Best of Show (Bronze Certificate): Peggy Hill

ARS Mini Artists Award: Dixie Edge with Melody Lane

ARS Court of Etiquette Award: Betty Ann Cassina with Starina

ARS Keepsake Award: Kay Polk with San Jose Sunshine, Razzmataz, Winsome, Black Jade and Rainbow's End

Best Novice Arrangement: Adena Kalal

Best Judges' Arrangement: Earl Parsons with Rainbow's End

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