August 12-13, 2000

Fountain Square -- Citrus Heights, CA
Baldo Villegas, Show Chairman
Betty Ann Cassina, Arrangements Chair
Results compiled by Mary Louise Jones and Baldo Villegas


Queen of the Show: Kristin by Ivanette Griggs
King of the Show: Irresistible by Baldo Villegas
Princess of the Show: Giggles by Baldo Villegas

Other Court of Honor Winners:
Rookie by Diane Richards
Founder's Pride by Duane and Melody Carlson
Quiet Time by Duane and Melody Carlson
Yantai by Duane and Melody Carlson

Best Miniature Spray: Gingerbread Man by Duane and Melody Carlson
Best Single Miniature: Floranne by Ivanette Griggs
Best Single Miniature Spray: Gizmo by Duane and Melody Carlson
Best Fully Open Miniature: Angelita by Duane and Melody Carlson
Best Climbing Miniature: Roller Coaster by Colleen Gallagher

Best Novice Entry: Not Awarded
Best Judges Entry: Spray of Hot Tamale by Jolene Adams


Best 3 blooms (1 variety): Sweet Melody by Duane and Melody Carlson

Best 3 blooms (2+ varieties): Amber Star, Giggles, Irresistible by Baldo Villegas

Best 5 blooms, (1 or more varieties): Jean Kenneally by Duane and Melody Carlson

Best 5 Award of Excellence Miniatures (In Rainbow Stand): Black Jade, Winsome, Jean Kenneally, Old Glory, Loving Touch by Baldo Villegas

Best 7 blooms (7 varieties): Miss Flippins, Amber Star, Jean Kenneally, Kathy Robinson, Orange Darling, Sweet Revenge and Giggles by Baldo Villegas

Best 3 Miniature Sprays: Gourmet Popcorn and Sweet Chariot by Baldo Villegas

Best 3 Miniature Types (Single, Semidouble, Fully open double): My Sunshine, Little Artist and Millie Walters by Adena Kalal

Best Miniature Cycle of Bloom: Jean Kenneally by Baldo Villegas

Best Miniature English Box: Incognito, Olympic Gold and Sweet Melody by Duane and Melody Carlson

Best Miniature Rose Palette: Millie Walters, Giggles, X-Rated, Rainbow’s End and Ruby Pendant
by Ivanette Griggs

Best Miniature Rose in a Bowl: Olympic Gold by Baldo Villegas

Best Miniature Bouquet in a Basket: Mixed bouquet consisting of Jean Kenneally, Sweet Revenge, Special Angel, Pierrine and American Rose Centennial by Ivanette Griggs

Best Trailing Rose: White Meillandina by Muriel & Bill Humenick

Best Container-Grown Miniature: Not Awarded

Best Tin Can Derby: Mixed rose bouquet by Kay White


Theme: A Charlie Brown Tribute

Class 1: Sparky -- Joann Sprogis with Jeanie Williams roses (Best Novice Certificate).

Class 2: The Easter Beagle -- Joann Sprogis with Pierrine, Winsome, Jean Kenneally, and Orange Honey roses.

Class 3: A Tea Party With Lucy -- Sarah Williams with Winsome, Berry Berry Red, Cupcake, Incognito, Little Paradise, Teddy Bear, and Gourmet Popcornroses. (ARS Silver & Court of Etiquette Award)

Class 4: Woodstock -- Muriel Humenick with Sorcerer roses.

Class 5: Brother Spike -- Rena Webb with Toy Clown and Red Beauty roses. (ARS Keepsake Award)

Class 6: The Red Baron -- Sarah Williams with Winsome and Cupcake roses.

Class 7: Linus and his Blanket-- Cindy Rogers with Cinnamon Delight and Lifestyle roses (ARS Mini-Royalty Award).

Class 8: Schroeder -- Rena Webb with Lynne Gold and Good Morning America roses (ARS Gold & Mini-Artist’s Award).

Class 9: Joe Cool -- Colleen Gallagher with Absolutely roses (ARS Bronze Certificate).

Class 10: The Doctor Is In -- No Entries

Class 11: Peanuts -- Rena Webb with Special Angel blooms.

Class 12: Snoopy -- Dolores Moffat with Jean Kenneally and Irresistible roses (ARS Best Judges Certificate).

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